F88 Wrist Watch

F88 Wrist Watch Mobile Phone 
Apparently, with cell phones crammed with variety of features ruling our lives, we would not like to load our wrists with more machines that are redundant. However, the F88 Wrist Watch Mobile Phone might still lure some of you with its irresistible charm.

The designers tried their best, but failed to cram the cell phone into the watch and here lies the mammoth, which you would probably not like to wear all the time. It seems like they have just added a wristband to a cell phone and festooned it with a 3-megapixel camera, speakerphone and color display to lure you in vain. Would you like to wrap your wrist with this 3.5-ounce ugly but cool machine for $1,111? I doubt so. 

Watch Mobile Phones

Watch Mobile Phones now a reality

http://www.girl.com.au/img/watchphones.jpgTHE FUTURE IS HER NOW- WATCH PHONES ARE NOW A REALITY

Maxwell Smart would be the first to replace his shoe phone with the new Mobile Phone Watch---and its technology would not only amaze him but would blow away his predecessors today, with a combination of technology in a format not yet seen in Australia. Even Dick Tracy's watch phone couldn't conceive the features of this phone.

The Mobile Phone Watch is now a reality and it's coming to Australia. NV Phones are the first to pioneer and commercialise the new phone here with an official launch in Sydney on Friday 30th of January 2009 at 10.30am at Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour 50 - 100 Murray Street Pyrmont NSW. There will be a formal demonstration of over 10 mobiles phones with technology not seen in Australia at this point.

The phone has the latest quad band frequency technology which can be used through 3G and Next G coverage in Australia and with any GSM network around the world, offering significant logistic and economic advantages.

And it doesn't stop there-a range of mobile phones are also being released with twin sim technology; the latest Voice Recognition software; free TV and radio on some models; and the first waterproof Mobile Phone Watches in Australia.

Twin Sim Technology means the phone contains two transceivers, as opposed to one in standard phones, which means that both sims can be active at the same time, enabling two phone numbers, and even two networks, for the one phone.

Cell Phones from China

Wholesale Watch Style Cell Phones from China

http://www.prlog.org/10321137-wholesale-watch-style-cell-phone-from-china-dropship-wholesale-watch-style-cell.jpgMost of us might have cell phone, watch, mp3 player, and camera separately. Can you imagine all these items are combined in a small single device? Yes, it is possible! You can enjoy all the above-mentioned features through a wonderful watch style cell phone. Great news isn't? To know more about watch style cell phones read on....
Features of watch style cell phones:
Watch style cell phone is a very good proof for the technology advancement. Some of the features of the watch style cell phone include MP3 player, stereo Bluetooth, water-resistant, speakerphone, camera for video conferencing, text messaging, GSM facility, etc. The watch style cell phones come in a variety of colors like green, blue, pink and teal. The strap may be leather or carbon fiber. Most of the watch style cell phones are available with silver covering which gives the phone a shiny finish and is suitable for both men and women. The watch style cell phones use either touch screen or button configuration for menu navigation. The face displays time and date when it is in standby mode. This type of cell phone will be of great use for commuters, cyclists and anybody hesitating to carry heavy weight and bulk products in their pockets. Calls can be made with the help of Bluetooth headset or with the help of built-in speaker with the help of which you can talk or listen from the phone. The watch model cell phones also come with 0.3 mega pixel camera with the help of which you can capture high quality photos, data can also be transferred. Like other cell phones, watch model cell phone also come with games, which act as an entertainment tool. The phone also has speed dial options and secured caller options. You can set alarm with the help of this phone and you can store large number of phone contacts.
When you carry a mobile phone in your pocket you might misplace it or it might be robbed, but these things cannot happen in a watch style cell phone since it is attached to your wrist. So you can keep it safe.
How to purchase:
Watch style cell phones can be purchased through online. The website www.wholesale-

shopping.com offers wholesale watch style cell phones at low wholesale prices. You can find different models of watch style cell phones from this website and you can order them online.